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You are a Targeted Individual. Be careful they may be intending harm by trafficking you. I have gone through this for 18 years. I am still being trafficked. Law does nothing but laugh at me when I cry for help. Be safeā€¦. So I just pray. Get a nice gun keep it fully loaded!!! They come again blow their heads off!!!

Tap Cell Phone: Find Out If Your Spouse Is Honest With You

Handle your business stay safe!!! One cannot trust people nowadays!!! I am having that happen to me now. Paper tags are covering real tags too.

Listen all Calls of your Girlfriend Phone without any Application and without Touching her Phone .

Same shit. Fuckin assholes.

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One of these mother fuckers is gonna get fucked off. Hack that message bitch. They have total illegal control over my phone. If I try to do anything regarding the state or the federal government like apply for state benefits or file taxes etc. My phone they stop me. They used to follow me everywhere I went, cars only certain ones with black windows.

There is always a baby monitor beep on my calls they are listening to, which unlawful phone tap, and surveillance is completely against the law. Yea they could waste their time ,or they could be using those working days and hours to create cases on who ever they want to and have all the evidence they need to put you away. The localbuyharassment is common.

Signs of a Cell Phone Tap

Have u done anything to anger one off them. This info came from a retired detective with a local Ca. Police department. U could hire a PI to watch u being that it happens every day. How I have all kinds of for sure things and know my phone us tapped or wired. My phone is pranked, hacked, if I am typing something some idoit gos back and changes my words! If somebody knows who it is! I would really appreciate it if you could get rid of them, because they been doing it over 2years!

If you can put a end to them? That would be great!

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I want help, I need a bug sweep to get rid of the GPS tracker and need my devices back. Hello, I saw your response to assist with the possibility of someone tapping or hacking the gentlemans phone.

Review of Phone Tapping Software

Not to sure what your process is but would be extremely great full to hear your side. I want to be able to prove it and then let the due course of the process legally take affect. I could use a little help like asap. I can help everyone being tracked, hacked, spied on by anyone. I can sweep any phone or device and can monitor all activities on the device.

I could also give you steps and advice to protect yourself. Hi need some suggestions belongs from Delhi India , need to know how to identify about same if some one sharply doing this against me??? My android is doing all the exact things. Only when Im home. Literally within ft of home i lose 4g and all but 1 bar.

And as crazy as it sounds. Can barely open anything including settings to check services running. Also haptic feed back turns on everytime. I cannot turn it off. It stops once my signal returns. I understand, while using my phone it takes pictures of me and in the past before I changed my it went to my text message and typed out and sent my brother a text and I never touched the phone! Hey, I saw ur txt n I was wondering if u could answer a question for me, I believe my iPhone is being tapped by the police, someone told me that if I cal the phone company they hav to tel me if it is.

Thanx so much. Hi Matt I was googling how to tell if your phone is hacked I came across your reply to someones post. Can you help me I had to get new phone and number still having problems. Scumbag hackers do this. You only give it to people you have to. But the police do have a scanner they can scan cell phone signals with. I believe you, im in the same boat as you. But why?

Cell Phone Tapping: Uses by Law Enforcement

Are they doing it? Why do THEY intimidate us, they dont like how we think , what we view? Its kinda scary, when you tell acquaintances about it, they distance themselves from you. Now i am a total loner. Give them the silent treatment set a trap and you will catch them dont let them know that you have proof of their manipulation towards you because they will plan something to get you in trouble always kjeep receipts that shows proof where you were during that time just in case they make a fake call to police and lye, im going through the same experience you are, the silent treatment drive them crazy when they dont know your status they make dumb desitions.

My house is bugged my yard is bugged my phone is bugged. How can a person live llike this?

Tap their calls

All my so called neighbors have cameras pointed at my place. I mean ther not jus middle age or young people some of tham are older than mathuzlem. Before I even get to tha front door of tha store thers at least 12 to 15 vehicals.